Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Ok, I'm old, and I'm jaded, but I find myself increasingly bemused by the whole Kickstarter thing.

It is practically impossible these days to listen to a podcast without someone going on about the latest hotness on Kickstarter. Of course I am not exactly the target market for much of this stuff, as I am not interested in zombies.


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  1. That may be the fault of the podcasts you've listened too. I mean the concept is simple enough but you do have to trawl around for the ideas that appeal. I feel it is of wider interest than just zombies.

    I mean the concept is simple enough, a manufacturer pitches you his idea and asks for cash up front; if enough people pitch in it is funded and the early adopters are rewarded with reduced rate product or exclusives not available to the regular buyer after production and distribution begins. Thing is theere's literally thousands of these projects, and many of those seem to be boardgames and zombies!

    Personally I'm pleased with how my foray into it is going. My £80 initial investment in Reaper Miniatures is set to yeild me 150 or so fantasy figures....