Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Wheel of Fortune

I've got a game at the weekend down the club - 2500 points.

I'm not sure what army I am facing, but I thought I'd try something along the lines of a Giant, a Stonehorn, 2 lots of Mournfang, lots of Leadbelchers and maybe a unit of 18 bulls - or put another way all the stuff I have been wanting to try.

Perhaps more interestingly, certainly for me, is that I have suggested that we try playing secret objectives and some version of Man of Mystery. I would like it further by have strategy cards, but one step at a time. I would like to include all three elements in a narrative campaign that has been swimming around my mind for a few weeks now.

Interestingly Dave Wytek of Garagehammer spoke to Phil Kelly at Chicago Gamesday and in the course of the chat learned that the studio team have experimented with Tarot cards and other things to generate narrative elements within their games. Which perhaps explains why the rule nazis get so upset when the battle reports in White Dwarf don't use the 'proper' rules.

It's odd how the loudest voices in the 'community' - was there ever such a weasel word? - are so at odds with how the game is meant to be played when shouting at the 'community' about how they should be playing the game.


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