Friday, 2 March 2012

Playing in Historical Fashion

So the nearly completed French are to get the first run out as a division at the club on Sunday.

Dean is working out a scenario, so it remains to be seen what devious schemes he dreams up. I'm going to be trying out big battalions and battalion guns. However a check through the rules has revealed that guns can only be manhandled once per turn, so my original plan of the brigade rolling forward with artillery support is slightly stymied. But then given that the plan was always based on Wellington's remark about the French 'coming on in the same old way', perhaps that is what he meant, given that this will but implied necessity slow up the advance of the mixed columns.

But regardless there must be a reason why the French re-introduced the use of smaller calibre cannon at about the time they invaded Spain.

Of course I could take the advice of the interwebz, ignore attempting to understand the army and just double up attack columns on units in line....


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