Friday, 9 March 2012

Background Noise

While painting I like to have some background noise.

Podcasts are ideal, as are cop shows but I am starting to find history programs very annoying. Particularly those put out by the BBC.

I realise that it is fashionable to critise the BBC for pumping out left wing propoganda but I found myself wondering why valuable time that should have been set aside to broadcasting informative history, was instead wasted on She Wolves: Englands Early Queens. No doubt Dr Helen Castor, who is billed as an historian, is knowledgeable on her subject. But this was more women's studies than history.

And I did wonder why Jeremy Paxman allowed himself to get involved in the deeply flawed and racist series Empire.

Is it really too much to ask that the ten year olds who do the commisioning stop looking for 'fashionable' angles and instead make programs that educate and inform?

Meh... it's the BBC, so I guess the answer is yes.



  1. I usually go for audiobooks while I paint. Any sort of tv programm would be way too annoying, whatever it was.

  2. I quite like the series so far. Of course it's a bit light, but it's also a BBC1 production at 9pm (prime time). It needs to be that way to reach as many people as possible. I've learnt quite a few things I didn't know... And it also looks beautiful.