Monday, 5 March 2012

Boning Up

I was pleased to find that the Nafziger collection is available online.

The document I found most interesting, while looking for information on the Spanish army of 1808, was a break down by regiment of British units in 1811 giving the figures for death and desertion. The curious statistic that stood out was that units stationed in Ireland suffered greater rates of attrition, due to desertion, than many of the units fighting the war in Spain and Portugal from both factors combined. There was also rather a lot of desertion from units based in Scotland. Though I was also interested to note that one regiment was listed as serving in Jamaica and England, and it too had a very high desertion rate. Hardly surprising given the West Indies reputation as a death sentence due to disease.

The painting of the Young Guard progresses pleasingly. In fact they are almost complete - and thus the French army, that I started just over a year ago.


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