Saturday, 24 March 2012

Gut Instinct

So having drawn up a list for tomorrow's game, I have been battling with myself not to change it.

The problem is that I know that once I change one unit, that in next to no time I will have changed the whole list to be pretty much the list I always end up coming back to. Which is pretty much defeating the point of experimenting.

The basic problem I have when thinking about the Ogres is that in my ideal world The core of the army would be a block of Ironfists, flanked by 2 units of 6 Bulls, that would act sort of in the way that Empire detachments. But because of the points values, and the other elements that I would like to include, this build is pretty much impossible.

However, as we all know perfection is pretty much impossible.

As for a plan for the game.

I know that 4 Mournfang can pretty much take out a horde of Marauders. And I know that the Ogres are more mobile and can out manouvre a Warriors army. The question is how to use the scouting maneaters in conjunction with one or more of the other units. And if I can keep the Tyrant alive long enough.


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