Monday, 19 March 2012

More Changes

The Spanish light infantry are done.

There's a bit of frosting which I will deal with a few days. It was much worse, but I gave then a drenching in putity seal and it has cleaned up much of it.

I might also look at getting a lighter shade of green to break up the flatness.

But other than that I am quite pleased with them.

Working on these and the Irlanda regiment I found that 12 figures a really nice number to paint. Add to this that I like the asthetic of 6 figures to a base, means that I have revised my plans for the militia elements of the Spanish army.

Originally the plan was to have the militia in units of 16, 4 to a base, with four bases to a unit. But now the plan is to have units of 12, 6 to a base, with two bases in a unit. Which I think will emphasise the ad hoc, ramshackle nature of the Spanish forces. It also means that the militia units will only have two formations, march column and line.

It remains to be seen if this turns out to be slightly gamey, due to the unit footprint being smaller - 3 militia units will have the same frontage as 1 'standard', thus giving them the advantage of 6 shooting dice compared to 3. Though the lack of stamina will to some extent balance this out.


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