Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Chaotic Thinking

It's driving me round the bend trying to work out a Warriors of Chaos army.

I know that I don't want Chaos Knights, as they are lacking in this age of monsterous cavalry. And I am pretty sure that when the new book comes my guess is that Warriors will get their own monsterous cavalry. But without the Knights the army is pretty slow moving.

For fluff reasons I want a large Chosen unit, and like the idea of filling out the core with marauders and skirmishing marauder cavalry. But you very quickly run out of points trying to squeeze it all in. Especially when you start adding in characters.

Writing lists for the Ogres is easier than this - or maybe I've just had more practice.

The pictures of the new Empire releases is also rather tempting. They don't attract me as much as the idea of a nurgle themed Chaos army, but those Demigryffs look very nice.



  1. How are chariots these days? Might they work better than the knights for what you're wanting?

    1. Good point. I really have answer as to why I have overlooked them.

      Thank you.