Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sweetness and Light

And so the auxiliaries are done.

I've been catching up on episodes of Jaded Gamercast, and was very interested in their observation with regard to the nature of Chaos in the Warhammer word/universe. Whether their observation is based on inside information during their sojourn as chauffeurs for the Black Library authors at the Chestermere expo, I'm not sure.


Traditionally Chaos is portrayed as the essence of evil. Yet curiously there is more evil in your average copy of the Daily Mail then there is in Black Library books - what with murder, rape, child abuse, aspertame, happy slapping, and celebrity crimes against fashion being the currency of the one - whereas the way 'evil' is shown in Black Library fiction is usually by implication, and in juxtaposition, to the actions and sensibilities of the protagonist (who is usually on the side of good).

Even when the character is flawed, there is a sense in which they are capable of redemption - whereas the forces of Chaos cannot be redeemed.... if they are gay, then the Sisters of Battle at the Westboro Baptist Church will be onto the case.


The observation made by the Jaded Gamercast boys, is that rather than the forces of Chaos being the essence of evil, what actually drives them is revenge. Which places the forces of good, in a rather morally ambivalent position - not dissimilar to your average Guardianista student type - in which rather than admit that they are equally driven by an irational desire for revenge against those betray the prescribed top-down social order, in which there is no room for forgiveness.


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