Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ya Ha Me Hearties

Oh well, so much for not starting a new project....

In fairness this is not entirely my fault.

It was my birthday, and my eldest is of the belief that in order to keep the world on it's access Daddy has to have soldiers for birthdays and Christmas. And by the same token, a present is not a present unless it comes in a  big box.

I am not entirely disappointed (I'm not disappointed at all) as no matter how hard I have tried I cannot make a list that matches my idea of what I wanted for the Warriors of Chaos. Add to this that my eldest is also keen to play soldiers with Daddy, And the Chaos figures in the Dark Vengence set fit nicely with the police Imperial Guard force I have been building, and the two fit nicely in a game like Necromunda - which will serve as a nice introduction to family strife on the table top.

So I have spent some quality parenting time with my kids helping me to cut the models from the sprue, glue them together, and do the bases - though have kept them well away from the painting. I was also rather pleased when my eldest declared he would make some buildings at school for our games.

As for myself, I found a rather good Chaos Marine chapter generator online, where by use of D10 dice one was able to generate the background of one's chapter. Thus I was able to ascertain that I have a force that is fanatically devoted to Tzeench, are renegades, and allied with pirates - which is ideal given that I don't really dig the notion of cultists.


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