Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The auxiliaries are almost done...

Well four of them anyway... I lost the will to do the static grass on the rest of them. And, they need varnishing, but I will let the shield transfers settle down before I attempt that.

Next up the Chimera conversion for the the Platoon Command Vehicle...

The original plan was to have a couple of aerials on the back, maybe with a pennant on each, but then I remembered the transport question so I am back to drawing board on what to do with the rear gun ports... I shall no doubt have another rummage through the kids Lego to see what can be pilfered. Failing that, I shall have to hunt out the pin drill and the brass rod... and just find a way to transport it.

Sooner or later I am going to have to dig out the 1/300th WWII stuff I started last summer and paint the rest of it. I rediscovered the bits and pieces I have finished, the other day when I was looking for something else, and was rather pleased with what I found.

And it would appear that WWII is the new hotness in wargaming, if the number of posts on the Warlord forum relating to Bolt Action is anything to go by. I was interested to see the number of threads relating to the rules set has already surpassed Hail Ceasar and Black Powder.

Ok, it is perhaps not a good indicator of success, and more an indication of the learned helplessness of those reared on GW, and their love of pointless prattling in search of validation. And indeed, elsewhere I was rather depressed to see someone praising Warlord for giving out unit information gratis. When I pointed out that the information was freely available, and gave them a link to a site containing the OOB for every nation, from army to squad level, they retorted that it did not have the points value for the game.

So I guess I should re-phase my earlier statement - it would appear that WWII style games are the new hotness.

I wonder what the points value is for a German truck that only has enough petrol to reach the supply point and has to be towed back the depot?

No... that is naughty...

However I was interested to see that Warlord have stopped forum users from posting links to other games companies on their forums. The reason for this is not hard to work out, and it is pretty standard practice (for obvious reasons), yet I find it odd that when GW does this the interwebz NLP programmers claim that this is denying that any other company exists, and proof that the company is only interested in money.

No... that is naughty.... stop it....


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