Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Why Girls Don't Wargame

There are numerous stereotypes about gamers.

They don't wash, they live in their mother's basement, etc. Oh and they are social inadequates who are not very comfortable with the female of the species.

This trait is often seen on podcasts, ironically those same podcasts without noticing the irony will occasionally question why women, or their other half, aren't interested in their hobby.


When I got back into gaming my army was a Lahmian Vampire army, and flushed with excitement of writing lists and painting I made the mistake of signing up for a couple of forums using the name of the lady vampire who was my general.... yeah I know.... you should always have a forum name like 2thehilt69, or Ironteeth, or whatever. But I'm a fluffy guy, and what harm could it do?

Well it took one post on the forum to attract the private messages. Now they weren't quite at the level of 'what are you wearing?' but it wasn't far off. The creep in question wanted to know where I lived, if they could arrange a game, and other personal stuff. Which you might say is fair enough, except I have never had that sort of thing happen on any other forum, so it can hardly be described as normal.

Rather than get involved in any unpleasantness I just didn't bother with the forum again. Occasionally I would pop back to empty the inbox, which had a surprisely large number of mail for an inactive account. Surprising because the expected number would be none. Yet there would be three or four missives arriving every six months or so from gamers in search of the dream.


As lately I have been rather pleased with the figures I have painted, and this is a painting forum I thought I'd risk it again to post some pictures of my work.

Instead of the usual comments these forums generate, 'love it', 'really like the blue', etc the pictures attracted comments akin to teenagers on a street corner acting dumb - cos everybody knows a girl likes a dickhead.



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