Friday, 6 April 2012

Rolling Death

The new Empire book is tempting me more and more.

Though more interesting is watching the current Empire players struggling to come to terms with 8th edition and the possibilities offered by the new book.

Ok, I haven't seen the book, but I have learned that the Luminark of Hysh is about 120-130 points, apparently. The Hurricanum is about the same cost. Which means that for about 500 points you can field 4 Ironblasters - two with an area attack. Plus they offer combos that the Ironblaster doesn't, and from what I can gather they don't misfire.

To me, who has played Ogres and knows the value of chariot mounted artillery, this is rather exciting. Especially when it is backed up with conventional artillery, that with the addtion of an engineer is rather reliable.

I have the Spanish to paint, and it may well be that the Warriors of Chaos army will be out around the time that this project is complete. And if that book as genuine Monsterous Cav - as opposed to the DemiGriffins - and war alters akin to the new Empire options, plus some shooting... I will probably go that route - mainly because it offers more conversion possibilities. But if not I will in all likelihood get myself an Empire army and build myself the Talabecland army I have always fancied.


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