Saturday, 14 April 2012

Heavens Above

I've arranged a game at the club for tomorrow.

1800 points, against High Elves, I think.

The list I have come up with is this...

Lvl 4 Slaughtmaster with Heavens - sceptre of stability, crown of command, mask of eeeee
Lvl 1 Butcher with Maw - scroll and ruby ring
Bruiser BSB - banner of swiftness.

10 Ironguts - standard, muso, champ

5 Leadbelchers - muso
4 Mournfang - muso, I/F, H/A
3 Maneaters - scout, stubborn, muso, H/A, AHW

The plan is the butcher goes with the leadbelchers and does the Firebellytype job. The Mournfangs and the Ironguts try and work together to get some multiple charges off. The Maneaters try and tie up the shooting and the sabretusks act as diverters.

Obviously if we roll Blood and Glory or Watchtower I'll be pretty much stuffed.

I worked out a few lists before coming up with this one, but I have wanted to try a Heavens SM for a while, and the buffs it gives to the Leadies. The scroll and the sceptre of Stability should give a bonus to the magic defence in the early turns, and give me a chance to line up some tasty charges. And hopefully the mask of eeee will force drop in weapon skill at the very least.

We shall see...


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