Sunday, 22 May 2011

GW makes zombies

The rapture has been and gone, and the world hasn't ended.

But perhaps some of the end of times spirit has taken grip over the wargaming 'community' - (oh how I hate that word)

The latest of the four horsemen to ride into view is the news - ok it is hardly news, as it happened a few days ago - that the Beasts of War channel has been removed from utube.

Tongues - or more precisely fingers - have been wagging. And in the abscence of a real explanation the rumour mill is blaming GW.

The theory appears to be based on the Beasts of War boys jumping on the bandwagon and going off the deep end about the price rises and the embargo - because it's just not right that Austrailians pay the same 2% of average earnings for an army that people in the US and the UK have to pay. And because Daryl or Warren got too lippy, GW legal has stepped in and closed the channel, on the grounds that they were showing copyright and trademark products without permission, out of spite.

I will admit that I haven't watched Beasts of War for ages, so I have no idea what they said.

I stopped watching Beasts of War because it was all a bit stoopid really.

On one show they would moan and bitch, using every trope and meme, about GW and in the very next show they would interview Alessio Cavatore, give him metaphorical fallatio and say how wonderful the Kings of War rules are (you may get an idea of when I stopped watching). Which is fine, except who was responsible for all the stuff that they were moaning about in the previous show?

CSM anyone?

Ok Beasts of War, I get it, buy Mantic from Wayland Games, and don't buy GW - and I shall just ignore the GW content that you use to draw an audience. (Which sounds remarkably similar to Mantic's marketing strategy ;-))

Still just because I don't watch it, doesn't mean that they don't have an audience - and good luck to them.

And let's hope they get the video issue sorted out soon, so I can continue not watching them out of principle, and not because they are no longer available.

Perhaps the funniest thing about the Evil Empire supposedly moving in to take out the Beasts of War Jihadists is that on Dakka, or it might have been Warseer, the rumour got rolling, and the GW haters started chipping in and building it, someone pointed out that this was yet another sign of GW having terrible PR and that they should make a statement.

Yeah, that's right GW. Come clean about your involvement in the Tsunami, 9/11, and the crimes of Pinochet.

And it's all GW's fault that they can send a man to the moon, but my shoes still smell bad.... sweet Venus.... *drool*

Btw, I have finished basing the Ogres, and now all I need to do is to find out what my threeager has done with the batteries for the camera.... not to mention my philips screwdriver, The Saint collection by Dan Abnett, countless socks, my Lamy fountain pen....


ps, Ryan Giggs.

pps Giles Coren.

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  1. What I find funny is that you know that even with the price increase, they will all buy the models still. They will do some major sucking up if GW did remove there channel haha.