Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Snow to Resin

Having mentioned it in the last few posts...

The Ogres.

This is roughly three quarters of the army, I have another unit of Bulls and a unit of Gnoblars to paint and two Scraplaunchers to finish.

A view from above to show the snowy bases.

The snowy bases were something I have never tried before.

Here's a close up of the base.

I wanted an effect of melting snow.

I may to a step-by-step guide, but the basics are that I covered the based in PVA, stuck ont he rocks and then added the sand. To strenghten the bond I gave it a good covering of superglue.

When that was dried, I painted/dry brushed Scorched Brown, before spotting/highlighting with Vallejo Orange and added patched of static grass.

A mixture of plaster and PVA was added to the peaks and ridges of the stones. When this dried I used Windsor and Newton Ultramarine Blue as a shading tone - I missed this stage on the first few figures but the snow effect looked too white and too flat.

Next I used Vallejo snow foam. The bottle says it is a foam, but it is more like a thick paint.

The final stage was to add water effects to the recesses and to the patched that I had left free of snow.

I'm rather pleased with the final outcome.

In other news GW has provoked a new outburst of moaning by releasing a FineCast.

I was a little taken aback by the language used in their announcement, why is best described as a little flowery and gushing - even by GW's standards. The GW writing style is very strange generally, I consider myself well read and literate but until I started Black Library novels I was unaware that the verb, heft, was quite so common.

What I didn't understand from the announcement was whether or not the new resin is toxic. Indeed there is so much about the new resin models that I don't understand. Some people claim that the new figures with shatter, others say it won't; some say the product is toxic, other's say it isn't; some people even say that the new figures are not even resin.

It's a case of wait and see.

Oh yeah... and there is moaning about the price.


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  1. From what I can see it's a great looking army mate!