Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cheap Crack

So the rage rages on.

As in all surges of moral panic those springing to the defence of their antipodian compatriots are seeking the high ground by accusing GW of being unethical.

What makes this all the more amusing is the tendancy to suggest that Mantic, PP and Wyrrd will all benefit from this as people jump wholesale from the good ship GW - as it heads for the supposed ice berg. Supposedly these companies are upstanding examples of all that is good and ethical in wargaming - games companies run by gamers for gamers.

Which makes me wonder why all of them have signed business deals with that most unethical of companies, Battlefoam.

Say what you like about GW, I don't recall them sueing a competitor to put them out of business, and fabricating evidence as a key part of their legal case. Yet for some reason this is over looked by companies such as Mantic, PP and Wyrrd - and indeed their customers. No doubt because they have bought in Battlefoam's spiel about offering the 'community' (how Private Eye would love that) the best deal possible. Which no doubt explains why Battlefoam bags are sold in the UK on a pound for dollar basis - which depending on exchange rates is rather a large rip off (note - this was the case when I was considering buying one, before the legal shenanigans with Outrider, and before I bought and fell in love with KR Multicase).

Last evening I wandered over the wargamerAU forums to have a read of their take on matters - expecteed to find the same levels of outrage as is being generated elesewhere.

Surprisingly - or not - the reaction was far more balanced. And though the thread was long, it was the same few people banging on about the same subjects as I suspect they are banging on about all over the net. Much of the reaction was simply, 'if you don't like it then don't buy the models,' - which let's face it is the reality of the situation.

Of course this objective reality is not easy in a hobby in which fragile egos compete with each other and in doing so gain a sense of entitlement. And is amplified and magified by the group think mentality of forums. Which is great if you think of it in terms of investment in a game but not really likely to lead to a rational response - not unlike when I used to follow Norwich - going to every home match, and as many away matches as I could - I recall getting into a pointless discussion with some numpty who reckoned I wasn't a proper supporter because I had never been to Old Trafford.

Which I guess is the point at which being a fan crosses over into being a fanatic.

No doubt this will run and run - and perhaps there may even be a victory for Austalian gamers.

Though on the same forum I noticed that the Austalian PP distributer has gone into liquidation, apparently the business wasn't very well run, but it is ironic given that the response of every change by GW is people saying they will buy Hordes/Warmachine.

My Ogres are looking nice - I really do have to take some pics.


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