Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shotgun Stilton

The local club, Leeds Nightowls - see the ad at the bottom of the page - is organising a WFB tournament that is happening on 1th of July.

So I thought I'd give it a go and thus last night I downloaded the free version of Army Builder - I am currently sans Excel - and threw a list together. The list is as follows...

Slaughtermaster - lvl 4, dispel scroll, Shrieking Blade, Ruby Ring - 345
Bruiser - BSB, Crown of Command - 165
10 Ironguts - full command, banner of discipline- 518
4 Mournfangs - Ironfist, heavy armour, standard bearer, muso, flaming banner - 310
4 Mournfangs - Ironfist, heavy armour, standard bearer, muso - 300

1999 points

Yeah I know, it's the netlist (apart from the tricksy terror causing bunker), it's beardy (but then so am I), and it isn't really my sort of army, but whatever.

In many ways it shows the limitations of the Ogre book - the characters are expensive, the troops are expensive, and so you are pretty much forced to go for the Irongut bunker. And as soon as you have built the bunker you have to protect it from artillery, and if you have one Ironblaster, you might as well have two... the same goes for the Mournfangs and by the time you have done all that then you are pretty much left with scrabbling around for magic items or padding the list out with dogs.

The original list had Gorgers and few other things in it like a Giant, but hey! it's a tourney,

I thought I'd take it up the club tomorrow and see if I can get a game to try it out - seeing as I haven't played in ages.

In other news I have bought a Chimera for the Imperial Guard.

But of more importance I was fiddling around with the spare arms from the set Cadians to see if I could make a shotgun. I cut the gun back to the stock and glued a couple of bits of steel rod to the top, The effect is rather good.


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