Thursday, 28 June 2012

If You Want To Know The Time....

The first squad of the Imperial Guard is half done.

I thought I might sign up for the tale of 6 gamers on Deepstrike Radio as the challenge is about the level that I am looking to grow the army. That is assuming that I don't push the nuclear button, sell the Napoleonics and flood the house with kits....

The intention is to build a police battalion. As yet I am unsure of how I am going to construct the list, I know I want it to be a mech army, but I don't really want any tanks as I don't think they fit the theme. The plan is to use artillery/assualt guns as the heavy support. Which means that I am spending rather too much time on the Forgeworld site gazing longingly at the Armageddon Medusa .

We shall see. To afford them I will need to offload the Napoleonics.

Golly I have said that twice, which is a surely a sign that the siren call of ebay is calling.


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