Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Play Nicely Children

Ok, it's the same sort of enjoyment as puling the wings and legs off a crane fly, but I admit that I am amused watching the emerging nerd rage surrounding the release of 6th edition..

Much of the comment could have been lifted word for word from the complaints which surrounded the release of 8th ed. However it is not so much the actual content of the commentary that interests me so much as the underlying sub text.

Perhaps it is because so much of wargaming happens in the solitude of planning and painting, and is very much in the gamers head, but there appears to be a huge sense of entitlement and resistance to change.

No doubt, like with 8th, when the rules actually are released there will be several months of suicidal declarations of rage quitting. And as with 8th, in a year or so those noisy voices will come back to the game and realise that it isn't the game they though it was, and that the instant judgements on what units/builds are required will have been shown to be wrong.

In other news, if you zoom to the bottom of this blog you will a link to my local club, which if you live in the West Yorkshire area is well worth a visit if you want to play wargames/board games/role playing.

Being the father of two small children I don't get to play as often as I would perhaps like, but then I am also aware of how lucky I am to have a club that I can go and play. I don't really want to get into the ins and outs of the various arguments but I do wonder at the level of self awareness of those promoting the negativity.

Still I have made some progress with the Imperial Guard, I've block painted and inked them, and I'm rather pleased with how they are developing.

My next task is to stop visiting the Forgeworld website....


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