Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Joy of Cheese

The Green Tigerz were back in action today.

It gave me a chance to try out the battlewagon.

The list was battlewagon with a mek. Two trukks with 12 boyz, 2 units of 20 Boyz, 7 Lootas, deffdred, 2 units of 3 Kanz, and 3 Koptaz.

The first game was a rematch against the Dark Eldar - the old Dark Eldar - as my opponent didn't have the new book. The mission was annihilation and the deployment was pitched battle.

I got the iniative, held it and went first.

The Lootas brought down a raider, the koptaz did not very much, and the rest of the shooting was equally ineffective. The Drak Eldar shooting was ineffective as well - managing to take down a Loota.

The battle was a little odd as the Orks were piling down the right flank, whilst the Dark Eldar attacked down the left, with only minimal forces facing the bulk of the Orks.

Thus the Orks wiped out the forces on the right, and the Dark Eldar took out the Lootas holding a building on the left. The Orks redeployed to face off against the witches and the Incubi. The witches took down two koptaz before being hit by the deffrolla, and incubi were wittled down to three of four figures by the shooting.

It was a victory for the Orks probably about 10-3, we didn't work out the points.

And so it was onto the second game.

Now I don't want to say that it was against 'that guy' but - for me - it was against 'that guy'.

Space Wolves, a Landraider, unpainted models, rolling dice without explanation, mumbling, telling me what I can and can't do etc etc etc.

Maybe it's just me, but the moment someone places a Landraider on the table, I just know that it isn't a game that I will enjoy, or want to play. And thankfully I was saved from the 'joys' of cheese by a phone call from the missus who had forgotten her keys.

I am reminded of a recent whinge I came across on the net by a Grey Knights player who was comped for sports in a tournament in a two Landraider list. Their lament was that it was a fluffy list and that it was unfair to penalise them for being fluffy. Which made me laugh because you have to be one hell of a nice guy not to get heavily comped for playing with a Landraider. And no ammount of patronising guff about fluff is going to get around the issue of people just not wanting to play against Landraiders.

Ok in terms of the game, it didn't help that the bloke had taken it upon himself to act as an unofficial umpire in the previous game, or quipping about the number of Kanz I was running and how it was somehow a problem.... which is why I say he was 'that guy' for me.... since it is just gamesmanship to claim Kanz are a problem for Space Wolves.

Meh, I guess it is just one of those things.

No doubt the Dark Eldar player sees me as 'that guy'.

In terms of the game, it lasted until turn 3, the Orks did not do much the Space Wolves did slightly more and would have gone on to win handsomely, what more is there to say?

Oh and just as we had packed up and I was preparing to catch the bus to save the wife and kids from the November weather, I got a call to say that the two year old had found the keys.



  1. To be honest I don't think that LR are that overpowered. Especially if he is using only one, it's a big points sink and not too hard to take out (ideal target for deff rollas). On the other hand your opponent didn't sound like a pleasant guy to play against but at least you had your divine intervention to save you from the game ;)

  2. He was nice enough really, I am probably being grumpy.

    As for the LR it just really annoys me that it is AV 14 all around - it's just sloppy and poor game design.... imho.

    Still I guess it will get it's comeuppance in 6th when they adopt the wound table from 8th and everything wounds on a 6.... ;-)