Saturday, 13 November 2010

Grommel Takes The Field

I've got a game arranged against the new Dark Eldar.

'What's new?' regular readers might ask, given that all I have played lately is Dark Eldar.

Regardless of the opposition it does give me a chance to try out the full on fluff of the 17th Heavy Breakthrough Brigade. Those following this, will know that this is the designation for the Ork force I am building - and will also know that it is a concept I have been wrestling with in order to define what such a unit would be.

In my thinking I have wandered around historical precedents including Soviet style infantry units at the battle of Kursk. But in recent games I have moved away from this concept of having 30 strong tarpit mobz.

So this is the list I have come up with.

Battlewagon - deffrolla, stikkchucker, kannon
7 Nobz - H/A, C/B, painboy, 1 P/K

2 12 Boy mob - Nob P/K B/P, B/S - in Trukk
10 gretchin with runtherd

3 deffkopta

2 Killa Kan (3 strong)

Deff Dred

Looted Wagon with Boom Gun.

Which does rather fulfill the armoured recon role that was another element of the fluff that I was wrestling with.

We'll see how things go.

The infantry count is low, and offers the opportunity for a cock up due to untis getting wiped and handing out pain token, but it is should be fairly fast moving.

Re: the fluff, part of my thinking is that I don't want to go down the root of maxing out the Battlewagons.


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