Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hang Over Sunday

I love a bottle of Berberana Reserva - unfortunately my aging liver can't keep up.

Thus it was that I was a little under the weather going into this game.

Capture and control against the new Dark Eldar.

The game itself was pretty much a non-event that revolved around a piece of gamesmanship from my opponent.

I got a penetrating and a glancing on a raider containing a unit of warriors. He rolls two dice, one gets the saving throw, one doesn't. He then rolls two more dice - this time of a different colour to differentiate the penetrating from the glancing - and gets both saves - the unit goes on to claim the objective.


Oh and haywire grenades. Either we played the rules wrong or they are the overlooked item in the codex. Because they are absurdly good.

In truth it was only because my opponent was scrabbling for points that his witches got them - put it this way witches with haywire grenades are pretty lethal to armour.

It also didn't help the Orks much that I forgot that you can't jump out of the way of a Deffrolla and escape the attack. Or that for the first few turns I overlooked that rokkits double out incubi - meaning that they lived to the end of the game.

As for the build of the army I was quite pleased with how it performed - or rather the potential of how it performed.

The trukk boyz performed well. I like the mobility. I am less than pleased with the Nobs. They are there to get the Battlewagon, but they absorb too many points for what they do.

I realise that I have said this before - and have already declared that they are a stop gap until I get Meganobz - and indeed that my feelings to towards the Nobz fluctuates from game to game - it being only a few weeks since I thought Nobz to be the top performing unit.

I suppose this is one of the joys of being an Ork player.

A unit either performs above and beyond expectations, or is an abject failure. And that the happy medium lies somewhere in the army as a whole.

I guess I need to go back and reconsider the make up of the Nobz. When they worked well they were a smaller unit size, without all the toys. And 200 and something odd points is opposed to the principle that I have set myself about unit size.

Of course the problem will be alleviated with another trukk, to have a third trukk mob. Or when I get around to painting the shoota boyz. Since I dislike the tactical inflexibilty of large mobz of slugga choppa boyz.

Which is a surely a sign that the next list I draw up will have three 30 strong mobz ;-)


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