Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Breaking the Rules

Some more Germans are finished... cue blurry photo....
I have succumbed to the Pendraken sale, and branched out into another period, namely the Sudan.

The reasons behind it are numerous, firstly that the most fun game I have ever played was set in that period - without going into great detail I was a cavalry commander who in order to save my command was forced to blow up the limbers. Secondly I was looking for a game that I could play as an imagi-nation. And lastly because I wanted something that I could use to res-erect the rules project that I started way back when I thought 28mm Russian Civil War was the way to go.

The missus is somewhat of a mathmagician, and so the other night I was picking her brains to see if their was a mathematical formula on which I could hang my hat on, in order to create that mythical thing, the balanced game. During the discussion I had somewhat of a revelation.

While she was explaining probability, it suddenly struck me that if I changed the numbers, I was using for game phases, to symbols the mechanics would work just as well, and it would get around the issue weighted numbers; i.e. a 1 is seen as stronger/weaker than a 4.

The next problem is that rather than write a rule-book, my aim is to use cards (with a QRF) to drive the game. The problem being that I am a tiny bit rubbish at anything to do with graphic design, pagination, etc. Though I have managed to create a powerpoint slide, which in itself is a minor miracle given my masculine inability to read instruction manuals - see picture above.


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