Saturday, 22 January 2011

Where's My Stuff?

Tomorrow I have been allowed out to play at the club.

So I have spent the evening working on an Ork list for the first game of the year.

As it is the first game, part of the evening was spent trying to find the various accoutrements required to play. The figure case was no problem, and after a quick hunt I found the rule book and codex. Luckily the dice were abandoned beside the tape measure. The running repairs on the figures were pretty minimal. Yet try as I might I cannot find the templates. The missus remembers pointing out that they are daddy's to the two year old - but that was before Christmas. I suspect that like every other missing thing in the house, they have been sucked into the black hole that is 'the boy's' bedroom.

The club is gearing up for the annual heats of the regional championships, and I have arranged to play against Grey Knights.

I can't say I know anything about the army, other than they have Landraiders and Terminators. Which combined has filled me with an air of despair.

Therefore I have come up with a cunning plan - dust off my Nob Bikerz. 650 points of wound allocating, feel no pain, goodness.

Ok it isn't much of a plan. But I figure if I am going to have a frustrating game of praying for 1's - and 6's against the Landraiders - I might as well make it a fairly quick game.

Speaking of gamer frustration - if indeed that is what I was doing - I have been working on my Napoleanic hussars. They are coming along nicely but I have run into a slight problem.

The Perry kit comes with a uniform guide, which contradicts the colour scheme in the Osprey book I have got from the library, which contradicts the pictures I have found on the web, which contradicts other pictures I have found on the web.

Ok perhaps I getting a little anal, because the contradictions I am refering to is the colour of the collar and the cuffs - oh and the trim of the saddle cloth. And there is an irony, since my plan is to present units as if on campaign.

My solution is to paint a bit of everything, so that some of them have one collar colour and another has another.

Which will no doubt upset pedants, but personally reflects my peception of what troops would actually have looked like.

Speaking of which I watched this the other day and was blown away....

That tracking shot is simply stunning. As is the confidence of the film maker to make the pictures tell the story.


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