Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Toying With Skaven

My ears pricked up the other day whilst listening to Garagehammer.

According to a rumour they heard the new Ogre book is finished, and was due to be released last year, but got put back until April - along with the Tomb Kings.

Now I realise that I have been rather down on 8th ed, after my initial enthusiasm subsided but of late my interest has been pricked again.

In part it is through listening to podcasts. I guess we all have our favourite voices that help us through the long night of the soul that is painting minis. Truthfully most of what is said washes over me. And equally truthfully it was in part listening to podcasts that turned me off in the first place.

But what has really sparked my interest is watching a few games down the club.

Now it might be the players, who are enthusiastic about the game, and seem to have a great time playing it - much laughter. Or it might be the tons of dice being thrown around, and the vast dead piles littering the table.

I have even got as far as looking at the figures on the GW website and costing out an army.

It might have been at that point that my interest waned. Or it may have been my reluctance to take on yet another painting project.

Don't get me wrong, I like painting, but I have painting block at the moment. And over the strangest of reasons; my can of purity seal is nearly empty. Of course I could go and buy another one, but that would mean going to a GW shop - which is never a pleasurable experience. So I am waiting until I go to a wargames show in ten days time or so.

Curiously the army that I was pricing up was a Skaven army - which I hve mentioned before is one of my least favourite armies in the game. But given that the choice in the started box is Skeven or Elves (yuk), I figured Skaven was the better bet.

Plus I find myself strangely drawn to the idea of scuplting a hellpit abomination.

The plan was to get the started box, sell the Elves, and then get the battalion box. At which point I found myself cursing GW's selection policy for what goes in the sets. The models in those combined sets are neither fish nor fowl if you want to build a single clan army. I realise that it is easy enough to ebay the stuff you don't want, but still it is a bit of a pain in the proverbial.

And so I made the decision to stick with the projects I have - Orks and Napoleonics - and wait to see what the Ogre book has to offer.

And thus it was that my ears pricked up at the reference to a new book.

Things I would like to see....

1) 5 attacks base for the Ogres to restore the +1 attack of previous editions.
2) An armour or ward save connected to the gut plate.
3) An end to the pointless unit restrictions.
4) An updated magic phase.

It would also be nice if they had some sort of ambush special rule that reflects their mountainous homeland.

And maybe a reduction in the points to make them more numerous as a single army, as compared to the ogres in other armies.

We shall see.


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