Monday, 24 January 2011

Fun Games

So Da Boyz had a game against the Grey Knights.

They lost.

Ok they are plastic men... so I lost.

It was kill points, dawn of war, and the game basically boiled down to I went first, grabbed the centre of the board. The Grey Knights put everything in reserve, and when they came on they came on in a corner.

Orks being Orks - especially in 30 man mobs, are pretty unweildy, and because I was also bringing on most of my army first turn I couldn't concentrate in order to do multiple assaults.

Thus I was picked off piece meal.

There were a couple of amusing points however.

One was when the Nob Bikerz, weaved through the ruined of the refinery, and the Warboss blew up a Landraider. My opponent was making all sorts of alarmed noises, and threw his whole army at the unit.

I'm sitting there thinking, 'they're only Orks'.

And indeed after the combat they were all dead - they might have taken one of two chaps with them.

To be honest I was pleased that they had managed to kill a Landraider.

A similar thing happened to the Boyz. The charged around a the remaining Landraider, threw forty dice and managed.... ? 1 wound.

Oh and then the whole Grey Knights army charged into them and they died.

Ok I admit that I am partly to blame, as I was left to set up the terrain, and went a bit mad. I suspect there was more than 25%, and rather than focusing on getting an advantage on one side of the table or the other, I set up some fuels tanks in the centre with ruined buildings around it, and then some woods and hills.

To be honest it looked great - in my view what a gaming table should look like.

And does it make me a bad person to admit that losing the game was less important to me that the pleasure of playing on a table that enhanced the effort of painting my figures?

It probably does.

Still the important thing is that the Green Tiegrz have killed their first Landraider. I did attack the other one with my 3 CCA Dred, but that did bugger all.


Ps, while I am on the subject of losing....

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