Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shopping Lists Without Cash

While sorting out my AWI stuff, I took the opportunity to take a picture of all the stuff I have already painted...

Another 10 Germans have rolled off the production line.... ignore the frosting (I intend to)....

My terrain project has been delayed due to the expense of replacing a dead computer, which is a shame as I have been having lucid daydreams of what I want to do. Though on the positive side it gives me chance to not rush in and create practical nightmares... plus it gives me a chance to do that most unwargamingly thing - to paint the stuff I have already bought.

Not that it stops me lingering in front of the wargaming section in Boyes and furtively fingering a box of PSC MkVI's, or casually checking out the Perry Renaissance cavalry. Not to mention mt nightly visits to Peter Pig to check out 88mm flak guns and pirates....

And while discussing needless consumption I have been hanging around builders merchants and hardware shops more in the past week than I ever thought possible. And worse have found myself being very interesting in gromits and widgets and two by four. One of the more crazy ideas I have had is to build myself hot wire cutter, in order that I can cut sheets of 8 by 4 foam board into 2 by 2 sections.

Oh and I need 200 magnets - so if you hear over the next few months about cars being sucked from the room and sticking to a house, it will probably have something to do with me.


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