Thursday, 20 May 2010

Excited About 8th

I have to admit that I getting quite excited at the prospect of 8th edition.

Ok, no one knows for sure what the rules will be and how they will work, but if the rumours are true then it does seem that the game will move away from rock/paper/scissors, cookie cutter lists etc.

Well maybe not entirely, but it does strike me that if the points size for the 'standard' game is to increase, and the percentage limits are set correctly, then it will allow for more flexibility in list building. Especially if it is true that magic is being beefed up - but toned down, by making miscasts more deadly - since it is a bugbeer of mine that magic is just too powerful at present.

Indeed it will be a test of the new system if players will be able to dispense with a magic user entirely, and go for a comabt build. Perhaps it would take WFB more in the direction of 40k, but it strikes me that it wouldn't be so much of a bad thing.

In other news I have been steadily selling off my Vampires on ebay - nothing to do with 8th edition - simply that I don't like the way they paly and better to sell them than have them gather dust. And am about to start selling my Wood Elves.

In a way this is going to be a rather sad excercise, but I have taken an executive decision that I really am the mythical hobbyist and would rather collect an army that I really want. Thus I have decided to opt for Ogres.

Having said that I notice that apparently Ogres are due a new book later int he year and the rumour is that Ogres are about to go from underpowered and unreliable to overpowered. hich I suppose opens me to charges of bandwagon jumping, but I can live with that.

My plan at present to build a clan of giant catchers - i.e a double giant list, with lots of gnoblars and big unit of iron guts with lots of magic resistance.

However if the rumour of the new book is true, then perhaps the rumour of plastic rhinox riders is also true which could well lead me to change my plans to include some of these magnificent beasts - certainly if they are on a par with the Forgeworld models - allowing of course for transition from resin to plastic.

And of course if there are new rhinox riders then the chances are there might be a new scraplauncher model - which is perhaps more than a possibility, given that the model is only availablke through GW and if 8th edition does lead to massive infantry blocks, and the removal of the S7 rule fro chariots then the scraplauncher is going to be a must in Ogre armies.

Not that must have models equates to new releases in the GW world - as we have seen recently with Tyranids and Beasts.

It will be interesting to see how 8th changes the game.

Personally I would love it if the changes levelled the playing field.

OK I know there is a lot of carping that a move towards large units is coupled with the latest round of price rises.

At which point it is obligatory to point out that no one is forcing you to play - but that aside - I was looking through an old WD and noticed that a large number of the units that are being subjected to the price rises have not changed for five years or more. Also that many of them are old metal models, which will no doubt be released in the future as three model plastics for £27, which appears to be the way things are going.

I should mention that I am also in the process of selling my Orks. I am still in two minds as to what to buy instead. As I am currently reading Guants Ghosts, I am leaning towards a IG army - but equally I like the Space Wolves.

I guess it's a case of seeing how the Ogre porject goes and then see what happens after that.


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