Thursday, 1 April 2010

Battle Foam Bullying

Recently I was looking for a carry case.

And as I listen to various podcasts, I of course found myself salivating at the prospect of buying a Battlefoam case. However when I looked into it I found myself bauking firstly at the price and secondly at the limited range on offer for what I was expected to pay.

In the end I bought a case from KR Multicase and am delighted with it - not least because it was more that half the price that Battlefoam wanted to gouge out of me.

So I am not surprised to learn that Romeo at Battlefoam has brought out another product - in line with various other 'corporations' - namely the spurious and bullying law suit. And not only the spurious law suit, but the chimpers on the net to defend his spurious action - or more precisely to prevent his underhand business tactics being exposed.

It will be interesting to see how the Battlefoam sponsored 40k Radio handle the situation, seeing as they have taken a stand against this sort of thing before, but having taken Romeo's shilling I guess they will be all for him in his action against Foam Corps - or whatever the name of the company is he is suing.

What interests me about Battlefoam as a company is that Romeo is protrayed as this bloke who is all for the hobby - yet I seem to recall that he had to pull one of his infomercials because it attacked a competitor, and his customers comlained that it was unnecessary. And I have to say that laughed at his largesse when he announced a price cut because he didn't want to be one of those comanies that exploit the gamer - which explains why his products are sold in the UK at a pound for dollar price (the classic corporate rip off) and he appears to actively discourage direct ordering from anyone but his Amercian customers. Apparently it is impossible for him to calculate a postal rate for the rest of the world and sell direct.

Still it is nice of him to highlight the products of Foam Corps/Outrider Hobbies.

Who knows, maybe they will turn out not to be a company that rips people off and uses the tactics of the corporate bully to protect their rip off.


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