Sunday, 8 September 2013


In typical wargamer fashion I have been painting 6mm War of the Spanish Succession British Infantry...

... that I found in a box while I was looking for something else.

And in equally typical wargamer fashion I have been daydreaming and netshopping in order to start a new period. However I have managed to rein myself in by reasoning that the figures have been sitting in a bo for the best part of five years, therefore the impulse that purchased them has long since passed - and I should just accept the pleasure I have had painting them.

And indeed they have been - and continue to be (as there are another two regiments to paint) - a pleasure to paint.

Which in turn is a positive as the true desire I have is for World War 1, and find myself constantly checking the Baccus website news section in the hope that their promised Great War range has been released (or even mentioned officially).

Of course were I not being a wargame magpie, and was spending my time productively, I would pressing on with the terrain; so that I could play Chain of Command. But that would be too simple - and requires a trip to a model railway shop - and would also mean that I can't daydream about how I can make the mechanics of Chain of Command - especially the patrol phase and the activation system - work for the War of the Spanish Succession in a brigade sized game (which can be scaled up to a refight of Blenheim at roughly 1:10 scale).

Of course all of this could be easily derailed were Pendraken to send me the promised sample. In which case would probably lead to me jumping into WWI in 10mm, which in turn, after painting a couple of units, would provide the impetus to finish the table and get playing Chain of Command, while the small mountain of 10mm lead awaits my wargaming brain to cycle back around to them.


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