Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fish in a Barrel

So that's one German and one American platoon finished...

It's a common trope that Americans are parochial, and that they don't know where the South Africa and the Iraqi and such is - as such.

There is an amusing thread on the Warhammer forum that emphasizes this.

And I was reminded of this thread - in part because of the content - by a frankly bizarre interview with Jerry Parsley on Garagehammer. I have no problem with setting up an American version of the Warhammer Forum - if for no other reason that it might allow the Wathammer Forum to have more relevance to UK gaming - or the US Masters or whatever, but I couldn't help but laugh at the notion that Glasgow is somehow within easy reach of Brighton because England/Great Britain/the United Kingdom is smaller than Alabama or wherever. Or that the UK has a single wargaming culture in which everyone knows everyone else.

All that was missing was something about the Royal family being reptilians...


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  1. Thats a unique pointless debate and very amusing.