Monday, 8 March 2010


The Orks got their first run out yesterday.

They won thank you for asking.

To be honest it wasn't a particularly fun game due to the opponent.

Now ignore the opponent was playing Nids, and had a maxed out cheesy list - oh he'd and won a tournament last week and was therefore in full douchebag mode - the reason the game was not that enjoyable was that the opponent had all the drawbacks of the power gamer.

For instance his measurement was 'flexible' to say the least - but he argued about everything to do with my measuring.

But what was more annoying was that he said stuff like - 'oh I'm just trying stuff out and I wouldn't normally have done that' - in a situation in which had he not thrown a big gribbly into with a bunch of small stuff to attack a squad of nobs, the nobs would have chewing through his line and killed the big gribbly the next turn anyway - and as it turned out the gribbly meant that he managed to save the combat but one of the small things remaining alive due to my having to split the attacks.

But as I say I won - we pretty much wiped each other off the table - and seeing as he was maxed out cheese and the Nids list is pretty much the epitome of what is wrong with GW at the moment - lots of stoopid rules designed seemingly to remove the fun from the game.


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